Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diwali Bounty!!

My Diwali gifts for myself :)

The lovely looking "The Book of Tomorrow"

by Cecelia Ahern:
Tamara Goodwin has always lived in the here and now, never giving a second thought to tomorrow. Until a travelling library arrives in her tiny village, bringing with it a mysterious, large leather-bound book locked with a gold clasp and padlock. What she discovers within the pages takes her breath away and shakes her world to its core....

Any Festival/Holiday staple: Nora Roberts. This time it is a lovely looking book called "The Right Path":
Midnight on an unspoilt Greek island. Returning from a peaceful moonlit swim, Morgan James has a shocking and frightening encounter. A dark, dangerous stranger threatens her with a knife, ordering her to keep quiet about his presence on the cliff-top. The next day, Morgan meets the same man, but this time he's visiting her hosts. Are they people she's staying with mixed up with a drug-smuggling ring? Answering this question turns into a matter of life and death when Morgan finds a body on the beach - and her sunny Greek paradise becomes a place of stark terror.

The much longed for "A Bear called Paddington" Michael Bond. Many thanks to
Priya Iyer for reminding me to read this one :)
"A bear? On Paddington station?" Mrs.Brown looked at her husband in amazement. "Don't be silly, Henry. There can't be!" Paddington Bear had travelled all the way from darkest Peru when the Brown family first met him on Paddington station. Since then their lives have never been quite the same....for ordinary lives become quite extraordinary when a bear called Paddington is involved.

"The Compendium of nosh" by Jack McLean. Promises to be really interesting if like me, you love to cook:

From baked Alaska to blueberry grunt, capsicums to cardoons, fadge to fufu, it gives wickedly funny, informative insights into foods, flavours, produce, etiquette and observances. Jack McLean approaches the secrets of the kitchen in a hilariously irreverent and refreshingly down-to-earth style, and his extraordinary confection is a must-have for foodies.

And for good measure: I don't have patience with beauty and fashion magazines and except for the times when All Sports runs a football special, this is my favourite magazine and the November issue promises to be lovely!

So that's it. That's my Diwali bounty! Happy Diwali everyone, hope you have a lot of fun with family, food and fireworks. Stay safe :)


Suko said...

Enjoy your new books! They look and sound lovely! I like Paddington, too. :)

Kals said...

That is a great collection! Happy Diwali and happy reading.The Compendium of Nosh sounds particularly interesting :)

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow wow
can i borrow paddington from you, once you are done? ;)
On a serious note, all the books look lovely. hope you have a great time reading them.
the last one looks interesting. i've never read 'food and story combined books' if u get what i mean. :)
i am reading the book of tomorrow too at the moment. :)

Anonymous said...

ok, I've got to thank you. :)

The folks at home were looking at me like I'd lost it when I told them I wanted books or jewellery for Diwali. Brickbats were hurled at me. :( Your post helped me convince them. I've ordered for my Diwali books now, and will be getting them soon. :)

Anonymous said...

i meant - when I told them I wanted books and no clothes or jewellery for Diwali.

Veens said...

Enjoy! I hope you had a great Diwali!

Bedazzled said...

such a loot ! that nosh book sounds like a lot of fun.. happy reading

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Cecelia Ahern cover looks lovely...and Paddington Bear is so cute. he was my favorite when I was a kid, but I never read the book.

Looking forward to your review of it. And happy belated Diwali wishes!

Vaishnavi said...

@Suka, Kals, Veens, Bedazzled and Nishita - Thanks a lot! Hope you had a lovely Diwali!

@Priya - I am so happy for you! Hope you had a lovely Diwali!