Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jane in June

Thanks a bunch to Whitney on whose blog I came across this event/challenge:

Misty at Book Rat is hosting the Jane in June event where you watch/read all things Jane. She is without a doubt my favourite author (except for the little matter of Little Women and one Louisa May Alcott) so this is the first ever event I am joining! For the next thirty days I am going to forget my TBR pile, Nora Roberts and re-read all of Austen's books!

I thought I would read them in the order of my preference:

1. Pride and Prejudice
2. Emma
3. Persuasion
4. Sense and Sensibility
5. Mansfield Park
6. Northanger Abbey

As to whether I would do anything else, I am undecided though I would love to work schedule permitting. So, let's see..

Happy reading to me! Thanks a bunch Whitney and Misty :-)


Whitney said...

I feel embarrassed being thanked next to Misty. She did all the work and I just posted about it. Although, I'm glad you're joining in, have a great month :)

Kals said...

Have fun reading them all! I adore how Austen is for all moods and all days :)

I'm yet to plan on what I should do for the challenge. I'll probably decide and choose now :)

Hannah Stoneham said...

You have a really similar preference order to me except that I would put Emma at the top! Enjoy

bikerguy said...

what!! you are re-reading books...really??
well, seems odd for a person like me who sometimes does not even read a complete book :P
anyways, happy reading :)
btw, i love the new look of your blog...pleasant change :D

Vaishnavi said...

@Whitney - You absolutely deserve my thanks because I wouldn't have even come across this event if it were not for your blog! You have a great month too!

@Kals - You couldn't have put it better, Austen is for all moods and days absolutely! Hope you have fun with this event!

@Hannah - Thanks and it is good to know our preferences somewhat match, a lot of people don't agree with my rating Persuasion better than Sense and Sensibility but there you go..

@Avi - I re-read almost every book I read. I am a prickly person like Mr. Bennet would prefer to be buried in my books all day!