Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great Blog Neighbour Award

I got a new award! Thanks to Whitney and Kals for this one!

The Great Blog Neighbour Award is a new award created by Felicia at Geeky Blogger's Book Blog.

Appreciate it guys!

I pass this on to some great neighbours I have been fortunate to have :)

1. Whitney at She's too fond of books
2. Kals at Pemberley
3. Shweta at Book Journal
4. Hannah at her Book Blog
5. Avi and Pavi - even if you don't have blogs. I love you guys!


Kals said...

Aww...thanks for passing it back :)

Whitney said...

I'm with Kals. Thank you so much!

Shweta said...

Thank u so much !!

bikerguy said...

wow!! thank you so much....yipppiieee!!! :) :)
well, technically speaking i have a blog you know, but lets not mention about it ;)

Vaishnavi said...

@Kals, Whitney and Shweta - Absolutely my pleasure :)

@avi - Haha, absolutely my pleasure, you deserve it!