Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stardust - Neil Gaiman

I love the word "Faerie". I suppose the whimsical part of me would love "faerie" instead of "fairy", "elven" instead of "elfin" and Neil Gaiman's Stardust satisfies that inner need for whimsy so thoroughly.

Stardust is a precious find. Every book I buy is a treasure and a friend, but it is when I come across a long coveted book quite by accident that it become absolutely special. I stood for a few seconds inhaling the heady smell that all new books have and as I rustled the pages, whispers seemed to leak through the book and right into my ear. These tiny, feather-like voices were telling me to go home. To go home fast and curl up with Stardust. Which is exactly what I did.

Along with Neil, I travelled in the time machine to Victorian England and visited the deceptively sleepy village of Wall. Having visited Wall, how could I possibly come back without making friends with Tristran Thorn? How could I not sympathize with him when stupid, cruel Victoria challenges him to cross the wall into faerie and go after a fallen star of all things as proof of his love for her? When I could not stop myself from doing these things, there was absolutely no way that I could not accompany Tristran into Faerie. Read Stardust and the same fate awaits you.

Faerie promises a bizarre ride for anyone who dares to cross the wall. You will be dazzled and not a little afraid.

In a world dominated by Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Neil Gaiman has given us a new gem in the fantasy genre. Stardust is more about Tristran's journey than about what happens in the "end". He has created a world that is at once in harmony with the normal world and at once not. Tristran Thorn goes on a wild, magical journey in search of a star and in the process learns much about himself and about life. I won't divulge anymore. Even though it is highly likely that you have already watched the movie version, Stardust is best read without my giving away anything here. To really enjoy Stardust, be bold, cross the wall into Faerie and prepare to be enchanted, all from the comforts of your armchair. You will have a hard time coming back.


Shweta said...

Stardust was a delight to read . Great review btw. Have you read his Coraline it is as good a representative of Gaiman's work as Stardust..

Pavi said...

Dont know if the book would take me into fantasy world,but your review sure did:-D I've said this before but wanna say again this backdrop suits your blog a lot..especially this post..draws the reader deep into it.quite a pretty fantasy land in itself:) I never really had the patience to read harry potter,maybe it was nothing but fantasy and I never quite gave it a second try.But this one sounds great:)Keep Writing:)

bikerguy said...

very well written...not too long, just crisp and to-the-point. the language is very simple, adding beauty to the content :) :)
the book sounds interesting...i have never read harry potter or the lord of the rings...donno if i will read this either, but will definitely try to give it a shot..like i said: your blog posts are inspiring :) :)

Vaishnavi said...

@Shweta - Thanks a lot! I'll surely give Coraline a try :)

@Pavi - Read Harry Potter. You should. One of these days I'll make you :)

@Avi - Ok go ahead, read HP or LOTR within the next decade I dare you! :) You and Pavi are so stubborn about this :)

Anonymous said...

I agree.. Stardust is literally and figuratively star dust.. Very beautifully crafted, lovingly created and poetically composed..

Vaishnavi said...

Vinayvasan - Welcome here. You are absolutely right about stardust.